What We Do



Asphalt shingles make up the majority of residential and multifamily roofs and are also the most susceptible to being damaged by severe weather like hail and wind storms.

Quality Restorations Inc. works closely with each homeowner to ensure that the roof repair or replacement process is as easy as possible. If your home has been impacted from severe weather, or if you think you might have damage to your roof please call Quality Restorations Inc. for a free estimate to evaluate your home and ensure it is safe from storm damage.

Insurance Restorations

Quality Restorations Inc. is emergency oriented, ready to assess damage, contain liability, accelerate time schedules and minimize financial loss. Licensed property/casualty adjusters are on the management staff ensuring repair and restoration expertise.

Quality Restorations Inc. performs full due diligence to uncover hidden damage that is ALWAYS there, yet rarely seen. We specialize in slab leak identification and repair as well as preparing ExactaMate estimates for your adjuster if damage is insurance qualified.



Quality Restorations Inc. focuses on steep slope commercial roofing.

If you are experiencing a roof leak or problem please call us and let us help customize a roofing solution to best fit your needs.

Waterproofing and Paint Coatings


What may seem to be an ordinary paint job on the exterior of a structure is actually a complex combination of different products and application methods designed to seal the building envelope.

Quality Restorations Inc. has a broad experience providing this service to many different types of construction.


Multi-family roofing refers to the roof on any structure that has more than one family or tenant. For example, an apartment complex, town home or a duplex are all examples of multifamily properties.

Quality Restorations Inc. has many years of experience in working and managing single jobs with multiple clients. We will work directly with you to ensure that any jobs for multifamily projects are completed in a timely manner and as stress free as possible.

The roofing experts at Quality Restorations Inc. have decades of experience in quality roofing installations and roofing repair and can assure that a project will be completed on time and within your budgeted projections.