Roof Hail Damage

What You Should Know


Take a look at the following to determine if you need to contact a professional for help in repairing your roofing system due to hail damage. The good news is that Quality Restorations, Inc. is here to help you.

  • Look around the downspouts and the gutters to notice damage. The force of the hit of the hail may cause the damage. Don't forget to check the gutters and the downspouts themselves for damage.
  • Head up into the attic and look for leaks in the roofing. Do this as soon as it is safe to do so. If you can spot the leaks early enough, the leaks will not damage the interior of the home or your insulation.
  • Look at the roof surface. The roof's surface may have pot marks on it from the hail hitting into it. It is also possible that you have holes from larger hail that may have hit a weaker shingle or the flashing.

You don't have to inspect the roof yourself. Call us and we will come out and do the roof inspection for you.

Hiring A Contractor

Once you determine that there is damage to your roof, turn to an experienced contractor to handle the damage. A quality professional will not tell you that you need to replace the entire roof if you do not. More so, these professionals will work with you and your insurance company to find a fair settlement.

Handle Problems Soon

One of the mistakes you can make is to put off finding roof damage due to hail or wind storms. If you allow the damage to go unchecked, it could lead to potential leaks that can lead to further damage of the roofing system. Tackle problems as soon as possible.